Historical Notes


I have included nuggets of history as it affects the story of this novel. I believe that each and every daily interaction of us with each other is affected by our perception of others, which in turn is masked by our cultural and historical experiences. The front cover displays the way we perceive others. I have included my personal comments on history to encourage debate. I feel that our biased perception of history has been predominantly documented by victors in war and the dominant than the vanquished and the subjugated.

Each civilization brings new values which helps the development of the culture of the world. The British Empire history has shown the importance of the  dignity of the individual and the democratic nation states for organization of the countries. It has illustrated the ongoing saga of mankind in the struggle of the established groups against those who want to rise.

In the 21st Century we need to address colour coding of societies, ethnic and religious conflicts, and mass migrations in globe where all the lands have been taken and the search for better life continues with the largest migrations in the history of mankind. The ideology of Mahatma Gandhi of tolerance and understanding is better suited than the past conquests of other people and lands.

We are in the midst of undoing the effects of slavery and colonialism and nationalism of past centuries and moving towards institutions of world governance where values Rule of Law like the United Nations and better understanding of people who look different and understanding of their cultures with compassion in an ever shrinking world.


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