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  1. Jay Chauhan

    What is the story about?

    1. aderan

      Great Question! 😊

      1. Jay Chauhan

        Aderan, 24April16, The story is about migrating to Canada and achieving your goals and overcoming all the challenges in a new country. It is a story written to inspire the readers, that if you have a goal in life you can achieve it. Jay

  2. aderan

    I am sure! Let’s find out! 😁

  3. Jay Chauhan

    Prime Miniser Justin Trudeau wrote to me in response to the summary of this novel and he thanked for my thoughts on diversity expressed in the “love in the Empire” and also said that “As Canadians,we should strive to reflect our diversity at every level of society.” 9th February,2016.

  4. Imtiyaz Ali

    There are so many interesting facts on the BOOK Summary. It remained me the time when I was doing my Masters Degree in London. I visited many times LSC. I feel that I am there. Thanks Jays

  5. Avinash Joshi

    I found the novel very interesting especially the cross cultural interactions parts of the book. The Indian diaspora from East Africa will find it even more interesting because they will be able to see parts of themselves in it.

  6. Leyla Zarrion

    As an individual with little knowledge about different communities in east Africa, I found this book illuminating!

    I had no idea how segregated each community was and how they did not mix with the locals. I also enjoyed the brilliant young protagonist and his vision and curiosity to break the traditions and not take anything as face value.

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